Low-Voltage 8-Bit I²C-Bus and SMBus Low-Power I/O Port with Interrupt, Weak Pull-Up and Agile I/O





Key Features

  • I2C-bus to parallel port expander
  • Operating power supply voltage range of 1.65 V to 5.5 V
  • 5 V tolerant I/Os
  • Open-drain active LOW interrupt output (INT)
  • 400 kHz Fast-mode I2C-bus
  • Internal power-on reset
  • Power-up with all channels configured as inputs
  • No glitch on power-up
  • Latched outputs with 25 mA drive maximum capability for directly driving LEDs
  • Latch-up performance exceeds 100 mA per JESD78, Class II
  • Packages offered: TSSOP16 and HVQFN16
  • Pin to pin replacement for PCA9554 and PCA9554B, PCA9554A and PCA9554C with interrupts disabled at power-up
  • Software backward compatible with PCA9554 and PCA9554B, PCA9554A and PCA9554C
  • Output port configuration: bank selectable push-pull or open-drain output stages
  • Interrupt status: read-only register identifies the source of an interrupt

Low Standby Current Consumption

  • 1.5 μA (typical at 5 V VDD)
  • 1.0 μA (typical at 3.3 V VDD)

Schmitt-trigger Action Allows Slow Input Transition and Better Switching Noise Immunity at the SCL and SDA Inputs

  • Vhys = 0.10 x VDD (typical)

ESD Protection Exceeds JESD22

  • 2000 V Human Body Model (A114-A)
  • 1000 V Charged-Device Model (C101)

Bit-wise I/O Programming Features

  • Output drive strength: four programmable drive strengths to reduce rise and fall times in low capacitance applications
  • Input latch: Input Port register values changes are kept until the Input Port register is read
  • Pull-up/pull-down enable: floating input or pull-up/down resistor enable
  • Pull-up/pull-down selection: 100 kΩ pull-up/down resistor selection
  • Interrupt mask: mask prevents the generation of the interrupt when input changes state

部品番号: PCAL9554BBS, PCAL9554BPW, PCAL9554CBS, PCAL9554CPW.


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