1.8-600 MHz, 1250 W CW, 50 V Wideband RF Power LDMOS Transistors

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  • Unmatched Input and Output Allowing Wide Frequency Range Utilization
  • Device can be used Single-Ended or in a Push-Pull Configuration
  • Qualified Up to a Maximum of 50 VDD Operation
  • Characterized from 30 to 50 V for Extended Power Range
  • Suitable for Linear Application with Appropriate Biasing
  • Integrated ESD Protection with Greater Negative Gate-Source Voltage Range for Improved Class C Operation
  • Characterized with Series Equivalent Large-Signal Impedance Parameters
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Recommended drivers: AFT05MS004N (4 W) or MRFE6VS25N (25 W)
  • Broadcast
    • FM broadcast
    • HF and VHF broadcast
  • Industrial, Scientific, Medical (ISM)
    • CO2 laser generation
    • Plasma etching
    • Particle accelerators (synchrotrons)
    • MRI
    • Industrial heating/welding
  • Aerospace
    • VHF omnidirectional range (VOR)
    • Weather radar
  • Mobile Radio
    • HF and VHF communications
    • PMR base stations

RF Performance Tables

Typical Performance

VDD = 50 Vdc

Load Mismatch/Ruggedness

1. Measured in 87.5-108 MHz broadband reference circuit.
2. The values shown are the center band performance numbers across the indicated frequency range.
3. Measured in 230 MHz narrowband test circuit.


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  • シミュレーションとモデル

    RF High Power Model ADS Model Kit goto: Click the Download button to select.

  • シミュレーションとモデル

    MRFE6VP61K25N RF High-Power Model AWR Product Model Design Kit

  • シミュレーションとモデル

    MRFE6VP61K25N S-Parameters

  • シミュレーションとモデル

    MRFE6VP61K25N RF High-Power Model ADS Product Model Design Kit

  • プリント基板と回路図

    MRFE6VP61K25N 87.5-108 MHz PCB DXF file