Safe System Basis Chip with Buck and Boost DC/DC up to 1.5 A on Vcore



MC33907 and MC33908 Block Diagram

MC33907 and MC33908 Block Diagram


Energy Management Unit

  • Flexible DC/DC pre-regulator allowing Buck or Buck-Boost
  • Optional Boost to improve system availability at cranking
  • Multiple output power supplies from 0.5 up to 2 A
  • DC/DC voltage regulator to supply MCU core up to 1.5 A
  • 5 V/ 3.3 V linear voltage regulator dedicated to MCU I/Os
  • Linear voltage regulator dedicated to auxiliary loads
  • Multiple wake-up sources combined with ultra-low-power mode: CAN, LIN, I/Os, current detection, etc.
  • Battery sensing before and after reverse battery protection
  • Analog multiplexer to sense critical signals

Functional Safety Measures

  • Enhanced safety block associated with fail-safe outputs
  • Designed for ASIL D applications (FMEDA, Safety manual)
  • Secured SPI interface
  • Configurable I/Os for wake-up and safety purposes

Robust Physical Layers

  • ISO11898-2,-5 CAN high-speed physical interface
  • LIN 2.2/2.1, J2602-2 physical interface
  • High EMC immunity and ESD robustness

Product Longevity Program

  • This product is included in the NXP Product Longevity Program ensuring a stable supply of products for your embedded designs. The MC33908 is included in the 15-year program

部品番号: MC33908AE, MC33908LAE, MC33908NAE.


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