Linux® SDK for QorIQ® Processors



  • Linux kernel and device drivers
  • Yocto Embedded Linux development environment
  • GNU tools (compilers, linkers, etc.)
  • Bootloaders and firmware
  • Libraries and middleware
  • Reference applications
  • Linux root filesystem
  • Deployment mechanisms

QorIQ SDK or Layerscape SDK – which to choose?

  • QorIQ SDK or Layerscape SDK – which to choose?
    • QorIQ SDK is a fully featured and mature Yocto-based software kit for QorIQ PowerPC-based P-series and T-series family of processors. It also supports Layerscape family, but we recommend users to leverage the new Layerscape SDK to get access to latest features on Layerscape platforms
    • Layerscape SDK is the hybrid Ubuntu-based software kit for the Layerscape family of processors, and going forward will be the primary delivery mechanism for the most up-to-date software on Layerscape platforms
    • Both QorIQ and Layerscape SDK can be consumed either as reference Linux integration or as individual NXP components – drivers, tools, libraries, boot-loaders etc. that feed into that integration

What's new on v2.0-1703

  • Highlights
    • Integrates off-train release for LS2088A BSP v0.3
    • Integrates off-train release for LS1012A BSP v0.5
    • Removal of LS2080A
    • MC 10.1.2 update
    • Added DPDK support for DPAA2 platforms (LS2088A)
    • Integrates Open Data Plane (ODP) for LS2088A
    • Includes several software fixes
    • Includes additional workarounds for Chip Errata: A-009241, A-009942, A-010554, A-010635, A-010812



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    Linux SDK for QorIQ Processors

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