QorIQ® B4860 Baseband Processor




B4860 BD IMG

QorIQ Qonverge B4860


Core Complex

  • Four dual-threaded e6500 cores built on Power Architecture® technology up to 1.8 GHz with AltiVec® 128-bit SIMD engine
  • Six SC3900FP Fixed/Floating-point DSP cores built on StarCore® technology up to 1.2 GHz, each delivering 38.4 GMacs/Core for Fixed Point or 19.2 GFlops/Core for Floating Point

Accelerators and Memory Controllers

  • Datapath Acceleration Architecture for packet parsing, classifying and distribution
  • Queue manager and buffer manager for simplified sharing of network interfaces and hardware accelerators and management of buffer pools
  • Multi-accelerator platform engine for baseband (MAPLE-B) for LTE, LTE-Advanced and WCDMA (HSPA/HSPA+)
  • Two DDR3/3L SDRAM 1.8 GHz 64-bit memory controllers with ECC and interleaving support with attached 512 KB L3 cache
  • Integrated security acceleration (SEC 5.x)
  • Enhanced secure digital host controller (SD/MMC)
  • Four I²C controllers
  • Enhanced Serial Peripheral Interface (eSPI)
  • Integrated flash controller supporting NAND and NOR flash and general SRAM
  • Trust Architecture with secured boot

Basic Peripherals and Interconnect

  • CoreNet® – internal switch fabric delivering full cache coherent system
  • Four UART controllers
  • Two serial RapidIO® 2.0 controllers each x4 ports running at up to 5G
  • Four ports PCI Express® 1.1/2.0 controllers at up to 5G
  • Eight Aurora trace interfaces
  • One high-speed USB 2.0 controllers
  • GPIOs
  • 32-bit timers
  • JTAG - Test Access Port (TAP) and Boundary Scan Architecture compliant with IEEE® Std. 1149.1™ and 1149.6™

Networking and Antenna interfaces

  • Eight CPRI 4.2 controllers running at up to 9.8G
  • High-speed interfaces multiplexed into 16 SERDES 10G ports
  • Up to two Ethernet interfaces supporting 10G/2.5G/1G with IEEE® 1588v2 support
  • Up to six Ethernet interfaces supporting 2.5G/1G with IEEE® 1588v2 support


  • FC-PBGA, 33 mm x 33 mm, 1020 pins, 1 mm pitch, Pb-free


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