MCUXpresso Secure Provisioning Tool





MCUXpresso Secure Provisioning Tool Block Diagram

MCUXpresso Secure Provisioning Tool Block Diagram


Graphical User Interface

  • Easy-to-use configuration of secure provisioning project settings
  • Enables direct communication with attached device for provisioning and programming
  • Supports generation of executable scripts for production use
  • Manufacturing mode for simplified production line use

Command-Line Interface

  • Unified command-line interface to the underlying utilities that can be used to create custom provisioning and production processing
  • Precompiled binaries utilities based on the Secure Provisioning SDK (SPSDK) are included with and leveraged by the Secure Provisioning Tool installation

Key/Certificate Management and Generation

  • Leverages OpenSSL or externally specified keys, signatures and certificates
  • OpenSSL libraries are pre-bundled with Windows ® and Mac installations for seamless installation
  • Enables Smart Card Trust Provisioning for device certificate generation and harvesting; keys and certificates are stored and deployed securely
  • Enables Device HSM Trust Provisioning for keys generation and secure provisioning

Secure Image Preparation

  • Encrypting and signing of ELF (AXF) executables, SREC and raw binaries
  • Generation of Secure Binary (SB.2 or SB.3) bootable images

Alignment with MCUXpresso Config Tools

  • Supports importing a device configuration data (DCD) in binary format that can be specified and generated from the MCUXpresso Config Tools. Used primarily for SEMC configuration
  • Support importing Arm ® TrustZone ® configuration files generated from the Trust Execution Environment setting of the MCUXpresso Config Tools. Used for Cortex ® -M33-based devices

Device Provisioning and Programming

  • Programming of e-FUSEs and one-time-programmable flash regions
  • Direct connection to the target via UART, USB-HID for provisioning and programming
  • Image flashing on FlexSPI NOR, SEMC NAND or SD card boot device including configuration of the boot device parameters
  • Manufacturing tool capabilities with device provisioning and parallel programming support
  • Supports Smart Card Trust Provisioning and Device HSM Trust Provisioning
  • Production limit control and factory audit log (available in Smart Card Trust Provisioning)

Secure Provisioning SDK

  • Unified, reliable and easy-to-use SW library supported across a range of NXP MCUs, providing strong secure provisioning foundation from quick customer prototyping up to production deployment
  • Open source code based on Python v3, released on GitHub with fully documented APIs and use case examples



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