Enhanced Time Processor Unit



Enhanced Time Processor Unit

Enhanced Time Processor Unit

Automotive General Block Diagram

 Automotive General Block Diagram



  • General Timing Functions
    • Full Featured and Synchronized PWM, Input Capture/Output Compare (Protected Output Compare), Pulse and Frequency Measurement, Pulse/Period Accumulate, Stepper Motor, Queued Output Match for Complex Outputs, GPIO
  • Communication Functions
    • SPI, UART, UART with Flow Control, plus Proprietary Protocols
  • Motor Control Functions
    • Stepper Motor, DC Motor, Brushless DC Motor, Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor, and AC Induction Motor (including speed control), Current Control, Vector Control techniques
  • Engine Control Functions
    • Engine Position, Spark and Dwell Time, Angle Toggle, Speed Measurement, Knock Window, Angle Toggle
  • Event triggered RISC like processor and timer subsystem
  • Up to 32 channels per module, with the possibility of multiple modules per device
  • Double Action hardware timer channels (Input Capture/Output Compare)
  • 24-bit hardware timer resolution
  • Up to 64K bytes of code memory and 4K bytes data memory (actual amount implemented varies by product)
  • Flexible allocation of data memory per function
  • Angle mode support (provide angle reference for engine and motor control applications
  • DMA and interrupt request support
  • Debug support

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