GreenChip Synchronous Rectifier Controller




Efficiency features

  • Adaptive gate drive for maximum efficiency at any load
  • Typical supply current in no-load operation below 250 µA

Application features

  • Operates in an output voltage range between 18 V and 0 V
  • Drain sense pin capable of handling input voltages up to 100 V
  • Self-supplying for operation with a low output voltage
  • Self-supplying for high-side rectification without the use of an auxiliary winding
  • Operates with standard and logic level SR MOSFETs
  • Supports USB BC, QuickCharge and smart charging applications
  • HVSON8 package

Control features

  • Adaptive gate drive for fast turn-off at the end of the conduction
  • Undervoltage LockOut (UVLO) with active gate pull-down
  • Blanking input for low and high switching frequency
  • Enable input for CCM operation and for disabling at start-up or shorted output

NXP GreenChip

  • This product is part of the NXP GreenChip portfolio, this program optimizes for energy efficiency in mobile and computing applications, specializing in high-power density, safety and reliability.

部品番号: TEA1999TK.


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