GreenChip SMPS Control IC





TEA1833LTS Block Diagram

TEA1833LTS Block Diagram


Key Features

  • SMPS controller IC enabling low-cost applications
  • Large input voltage range (10.5 V to 36 V)
  • Integrated OverVoltage Protection (OVP) on the VCC pin
  • Accurate OverVoltage Protection (OVP) via the ISENSE pin
  • Dedicated burst mode, allowing a low VCC capacitor value
  • Very low supply current during start-up and restart (11 μA typical)
  • Low supply current during normal operation (0.58 mA typical without load)
  • Adaptive internal overpower time-out
  • Overpower protection including high/low line compensation
  • Fixed switching frequency with frequency jitter to reduce EMI
  • Frequency reduction with fixed minimum peak current to maintain high efficiency at low output power levels
  • Peak power operation up to 200 % by frequency increase and peak current increase
  • Slope compensation for CCM operation
  • Limitation of switching frequency at high mains to reduce the maximum drain voltage
  • Integrated soft-start
  • Drive capability 300 mA source, 750 mA sink
  • Maximum duty cycle set at 90 %
  • Mains under-voltage protection (brownin/brownout)
  • Output Short Circuit Protection (OSCP), avoiding transformer saturation
  • External OverTemperature Protection (OTP)
  • IC over-temperature protection
  • Maximum duty cycle protection and brownin/brownout protection cause a restart, all other protections are latched

NXP GreenChip

  • This product is part of the NXP GreenChip portfolio, this program optimizes for energy efficiency in mobile and computing applications, specializing in high-power density, safety and reliability.


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