Layerscape® Access LA9310 Programmable Baseband Processor




Layerscape Access LA9310 Block Diagram

Layerscape Access LA9310 Block Diagram


Core and Memory Complex

  • One VSPA generation 2, 16AU DSP at up to 614MHz (~80 GFLOP)
  • One M4 32b Arm® core at up to 307MHz

Connectivity and I/O

  • One PCIe Gen3 lane
  • Five {I+Q} ADCs, each sampling at up to 153M samples per second
  • One {I+Q} DAC, sampling at up to 153M samples per second


  • Forward error correction for proprietary communication protocols
  • DMA for internal and host side data movement

Low speed I/O and RFIC control

  • General purpose single lane SPI with four Chip Selects
  • Lightweight LVDS Communication Protocol for RFIC Interface
  • I2C controller
  • UART
  • JTAG


  • 8mm x 8mm package
  • 1.5W total max power at 105C

Usage Information

The ADC / DAC analog subsystem supports a zero-IF I/Q interface toward an RFIC. With a sample rate of up to 153M samples per second, is suitable for both sub-6GHz and limited bandwidth mmWave applications. The Vector Signal Processing Accelerator (VSPA) DSP leverages NXP supplied software libraries to efficiently implement sample-level baseband processing in the digital domain (that is, digital up/down conversion, digital filtering, et cetera), enabling a flexible software defined radio for standard and proprietary protocols. Results are provided to the host, typically an LS1023A or LS1043A, over a x1 Gen3 PCIe interface. The device includes DMA engines, timing blocks and RF control interfaces such as I2C, SPI and proprietary LLCP signaling.

In addition, the LA9310 is intended for use in industrial and measurement use-cases. For such applications, the LA9310 functions as a lookaside accelerator to a host processor such as the i.MX family of devices, functioning as a signal preprocessor that includes analog sample acquisition together with initial DSP (filter/data reduction) processing, or as a math accelerator. In these use-cases, the lookaside accelerator often replaces an FPGA, connecting over PCIe or Ethernet.

Software Support

NXP provides a BSP for the LA9310 that includes drivers for all chip capabilities, example hello-world application that exercise the full data path of the device, VSPA libraries and FreeRTOS running on the M4 core. Reference code for target applications is available.

CodeWarrior for VSPA enables users to compile and debug VSPA code.

Hardware Tools

The LA9310 Reference Design Kit is a standalone system that consists of an LA9310 daughter card plugged into an LS1043A Reference Design Board. Customers can copy its design, use it to evaluate performance, and use it to debug their own hardware.


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