S12XD Automotive and Industrial Microcontrollers (MCUs)





S12XD Microcontroller Block Diagram

S12XD Microcontroller Block Diagram


  • 16-bit HCS12X CPU
    • Upward compatible with HCS12 instruction set
    • Interrupt stacking and programmer's model identical to HCS12
    • Instruction queue
    • Enhanced indexed addressing
    • Enhanced instruction set
  • EBI (external bus interface)
  • MMC (module mapping control)
  • INT (interrupt controller)
  • DBG (debug module to monitor HCS12X CPU and XGATE bus activity)
  • BDM (background debug mode)
    • Peripheral coprocessor
    • Parallel processing module offloads the CPU by providing high-speed data processing transfer between peripheral modules, RAM and I/O ports
    • Data transfer between flash EEPROM, peripheral modules and I/O ports
  • Enhanced MSCAN module delivers full CAN performance with virtually unlimited number of mailboxes when used with XGATE
  • Phase-lock loop (PLL) circuit allows power consumption and performance to be adjusted to suit operational requirements; system power consumption can be further improved with "fast exit from stop mode" feature
  • I/O ports available in each module and up to 25 additional I/O ports are available with interrupt capability allowing wake-up from stop or wait mode

部品番号: G912XD128F2CAL, G912XD128F2MAA, G912XD256F1CAL, MC9S12XD128MAL, MC9S12XD256CAA, MC9S12XD256CAG, MC9S12XD256CAL, MC9S12XD256MAA, MC9S12XD256MAG, MC9S12XD256MAL, MC9S12XD256VAA, MC9S12XD256VAL, MC9S12XD64CAA, MC9S12XD64MAA, MC9S12XDG128CAA, MC9S12XDG128CAL, MC9S12XDG128MAA, MC9S12XDG128MAL, MC9S12XDP512CAG, MC9S12XDP512CAL, MC9S12XDP512MAG, MC9S12XDP512MAL, MC9S12XDP512VAG, MC9S12XDP512VAL, MC9S12XDT256CAA, MC9S12XDT256CAG, MC9S12XDT256CAL, MC9S12XDT256MAA, MC9S12XDT256MAG, MC9S12XDT256MAL, MC9S12XDT256VAA, MC9S12XDT256VAG, MC9S12XDT256VAL, MC9S12XDT512CAA, MC9S12XDT512CAG, MC9S12XDT512CAL, MC9S12XDT512MAA, MC9S12XDT512MAG, MC9S12XDT512MAL, S912XD128F2CAA, S912XD128F2MAL, S912XD128F2VAA, S912XD128F2VAL, S912XD256F1CAA, S912XD256F1CAG, S912XD256F1MAA, S912XD256F1MAG, S912XD256F1MAL, S912XD256F1VAA, S912XD256F1VAG, S912XD256F1VAL, S912XD64F2CAA, S912XD64F2MAA, S912XD64F2VAA, S912XDG128F2CAA, S912XDG128F2CAL, S912XDG128F2MAA, S912XDG128F2MAL, S912XDG128F2VAA, S912XDG128F2VAL, S912XDG256F1CAL, S912XDG256F1MAA, S912XDG256F1MAG, S912XDG256F1MAL, S912XDG512J1CAG, S912XDP512F0CAA, S912XDP512F0CAG, S912XDP512F0CAL, S912XDP512F0MAG, S912XDP512F0MAL, S912XDP512J0CAL, S912XDP512J0MAG, S912XDP512J1CAA, S912XDP512J1CAG, S912XDP512J1CAL, S912XDP512J1MAG, S912XDP512J1MAL, S912XDP512J1VAG, S912XDP512J1VAL, S912XDQ256F1MAL, S912XDQ256F1VAA, S912XDQ256F1VAL, S912XDT256F1CAA, S912XDT256F1CAG, S912XDT256F1CAL, S912XDT256F1MAA, S912XDT256F1MAG, S912XDT256F1MAL, S912XDT256F1VAA, S912XDT256F1VAL, S912XDT384F0CAA, S912XDT384F0CAL, S912XDT384F0VAL, S912XDT384J0CAG, S912XDT384J1CAA, S912XDT384J1CAL, S912XDT384J1MAG, S912XDT384J1MAL, S912XDT384J1VAL, S912XDT512F0CAG, S912XDT512J1CAA, S912XDT512J1CAG, S912XDT512J1CAL, S912XDT512J1VAA, S912XDT512J1VAG, SK-S12XDP512-A.


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