Battery Sensor with LIN for 12 V Lead-Acid Batteries



MM912 Block Diagram

MM912 Block Diagram


CPU Core

  • S12 microcontroller with 128 kByte (J) or 96 kByte (I) Flash
  • 4 kByte Data Flash
  • 6 kBytes of RAM
  • Background debug (BDM)

Standard I/O

  • 8 x MCU General Purpose I/O including SPI functionality
  • 4 x 5V GPIO including one Wake Up capable High Voltage Input (PTB3/L0)
  • 16-Bit, 4 Channel - Timer Module (TIM16B4C)
  • 8-Bit, 2 Channel - Pulse width modulation module (PWM)

Application Specific Functions

  • Battery Voltage Measurement
  • Battery Current Measurement in up to 8 ranges
  • Accurate internal oscillator (for extended accuracy an external quartz oscillator may be used)
  • Normal and 2 low-power modes
  • Communication via LIN 2.1, LIN2.0 bus interface
  • Triggered wake-up from LIN and periodic wake-up
  • Signal Low Pass Filtering (Current, Voltage)
  • PGA (programmable low-noise gain amplifier) with automatic gain control feature
  • Current threshold detection and current averaging in standby/wake-up from low-power mode
  • External Temperature Sensor Option (TSUP, VTEMP)
  • Optional 2nd external voltage sense input (VOPT)
  • On-chip temperature measurement
  • Industry standard EMC compliance
  • Load supply voltage 3.5 V (Min), 28 V (Max)

Product Longevity Program

部品番号: MM912I637AM2EP, MM912J637AM2EP.


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  • BSPとデバイスドライバ

    LIN2.x and SAE J2602 Stack

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