CodeWarrior® Development Studio for ColdFire® Architectures: Linux® Editions (Classic IDE) v2.5






    New Features for Version 2.5
  • New BSPs supported: M5253DEMO, M52277EVB, M5373EVB and M54451EVB
  • Build tools: Sourcery G++ GNU toolchain for ColdFire® architectures from CodeSourcery
  • Application-level debugging using CodeWarrior® AppTRK:
    • GCC 4.1, 4.2, 4.3 for uClinux with DWARF2 debug format for MCF5208, MCF5253, MCF52277, MCF5329, MCF5373
    • GCC 4.1, 4.2, 4.3 for embedded Linux with DWARF2 debug format for MCF5474, MCF5475, MCF5484, MCF5485 (with serial connectivity), MCF54455
  • uCLinux kernel and module debugging: M5208EVB, M5253EVB, M5253DEMO, M5272C3, M5282EVB, M52277EVB, M5329EVB and M5373EVB boards (Linux Platform Edition only)
  • Linux kernel and module debugging: M5475EVB, M5474LITE, M5485EVB and M54455EVB boards (Linux Platform Edition only)
  • Bootloader (u-boot) debugging: M5329EVB, M5253EVB, M5253DEMO, M5373EVB, M52277EVB, M5475EVB, M5485EVB and M54455EVB boards. (Linux Platform Edition Only)
  • Host platforms:
    • Windows XP/Vista® 32-bit (Windows Application Edition only)
    • Red Hat® 9
    • Red Hat Enterprise Edition 3.0
    • Red Hat Enterprise Edition 4.0
    • Red Hat Enterprise Edition 5.0
  • Online help and documentation
  • Includes 12-month technical support
  • Free 30-day evaluation license available


  • MCF520X: Integrated ColdFire® V2 External Memory and Ethernet Microprocessors
  • MCF5227X: V2マイクロプロセッサ(タッチスクリーン、LCDコントローラ、USB機能搭載)
  • MCF525X: Integrated ColdFire® V2 Microprocessor
  • MCF527X: ColdFire® V2統合型マイクロプロセッサ
  • MCF528X: Integrated ColdFire® V2 Ethernet, CAN and Flash Microcontrollers
  • MCF532X: ColdFire® V3 Microprocessor with LCD driver, Ethernet, USB and CAN
  • MCF537X: Coldfire V3 Microprocessor with Ethernet, USB and Encryption
  • MCF5445X: 32ビット・マイクロプロセッサ(USB On-The-Go、イーサネット、PCI、DDR2/DDRコントローラ、暗号化機能搭載)
  • MCF547X: ColdFire® V4 Microprocessor with Ethernet and Encryption
  • MCF548X: ColdFire® V4e Microcontroller with Ethernet, CAN and Encryption



  • IDE version: 5.9
  • Host platforms
    • Microsoft® Windows XP/Vista
    • Red Hat 9, Red Hat® Enterprise Linux 3.0/Linux 4.0/Linux 5.0
  • Language support:
    • C/C ++
  • Build tools output formats:
    • ELF/DWARF 2.0
  • Host target interfaces:
    • Abatron BDI-2000/BDI-1000 HTI
    • P&E USB ColdFire Multilink Cable
    • P&E Cyclone MAX TCP/IP and USB
    • CodeWarrior USB TAP
    • CodeWarrior Ethernet TAP
    • CodeWarrior AppTRK


1-5 の 7 ダウンロード

  • BSPとデバイスドライバ

    2008 Linux BSP for Freescale MCF5253DEMO (28-Aug-2008)

  • BSPとデバイスドライバ

    2008 Linux BSP for Freescale M5329EVB Update (07-Jul-2008)

  • BSPとデバイスドライバ

    2008 Linux BSP for Freescale M5329EVB Update (07-Jul-2008)

  • BSPとデバイスドライバ

    Linux BSP for Freescale MCF5373EVB

  • BSPとデバイスドライバ

    2008 Linux BSP for MCF5484LITE, MCF5475/85EVB (08-Aug-2008)


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