Highly Integrated Single-Chip Sub 1 GHz RF Receiver





  • Highly integrated solution for the 315/434/868/915 MHz band
  • Very few external components required
  • Complies with ETSI EN300-220/FCC part 15 standards
  • Near zero-IF architecture
  • On-chip channel filtering with automatic calibration supported to provide stable cut-off frequencies and filter roll-off
  • Multi channel operation by fully integrated Frac-N PLL with on-chip loop filter
  • Automatic VCO sub band selection and calibration to reduce PLL loop bandwidth variation
  • Digital RSSI with a configurable threshold
  • Onboard Signal Signature Recognition Unit with Preamble Pattern Recognition
  • Configurable polling timer with 2% absolute accuracy
  • Level Sensitive Data slicer with self-adjusting threshold
  • Low power Consumption (RX 16 mA), with ultra Low 0.5 μA standby current and configurable polling timer
  • Single Lithium cell operation (2.1 V). Operation up to 3.6 V fully supported
  • 32-Pin HVQFN32 Pb-free

Target Applications

  • Smart metering (wireless M-bus)
  • Home and building security and automation (KNX-RF)
  • Remote control devices
  • After-market Remote Keyless Entry (RKE)
  • Wireless medical applications
  • Wireless sensor network

部品番号: OL2311AHN.


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