Single-Phase Automotive LED Boost Driver with Limp Home Mode




Led Lighting System Block Diagram

Led Lighting System Block Diagram

Single-Phase Automotive LED Boost Driver

ASL1500SHN: Single-Phase Automotive LED Boost Driver


Key Features

  • The ASL1500SHN is an automotive grade product that is AEC-Q100 grade 1 qualified
  • Operating ambient temperature range of -40 °C to +125 °C
  • Wide operating input voltage range from +5.5 V to +40 V
  • Output voltage programmable via SPI interface
  • Flexible output voltage with 3 % accuracy programmable via SPI
  • Fixed Frequency Operation via built-in oscillator
  • Slope compensation to track the frequency and output voltage
  • Programmable control loop compensation
  • Fast high-efficiency FET switching
  • Programmable internal gate driver voltage regulator
  • Gate switching is halted when overvoltage on output is detected
  • Support both Logic Level and Standard Level FETs
  • Low Electro Magnetic Emission (EME) and high Electro Magnetic Immunity (EMI)
  • Output voltage monitoring
  • Supply voltage measurement
  • Control signal to enable the device
  • Read-back programmed voltage and frequency range via SPI
  • Junction temperature monitoring via SPI
  • Small package outline HVQFN32
  • Low quiescent current <5 μA at 25 °C when EN = 0

部品番号: ASL1500SHN, ASL1507SHN.


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