NFC Reader Library: Software Support for NFC Frontend Solutions





  • All NXP® NFC frontend ICs
  • Full feature set according to NFC Forum
  • Synchronous API
  • Modular, multi-layer design
  • Interrupt-based event handling
  • Supports RTOS and non RTOS based architecture
  • Supports multiple development environments
  • Certification test applications for EMVCo L1, NFC Forum, ISO/IEC 10373-6 PICC/PCD
  • Same software stack for PN5190, PN5180, CLRC663, PN74 family and PN76 family
  • Easy switching between reader IC
  • Built-in MCU support: LPC1769, Kinetis K82
  • Host interfaces: I2C, SPI, UART, I3C, or custom (availability of interfaces dependent on NFC Reader IC)
  • Wide range of sample applications
  • Support for FRDM-K82F Platform
  • Support for Linux on Raspberry Pi Model 3 Platform
  • Simplified API for EMVCo and ISO Profile
  • Configuration for variable preamble reception related to FeliCa
  • Improvements on platform porting layer

Since Android 12, P2P functionality is not included by default in the main package. Moreover this functionality has never been supported by iOS devices. P2P is slowly removed from the market. At NFC Forum, the P2P functionality is not available for the Reader device class since CR13 and NXP does not expect any significant changes on the defined functionality. For this reason NXP plans to stop the maintenance of the P2P functionality in the NFC Reader library from 2024 onwards. The existing library versions which include the P2P support will be still available for download


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    NFC Reader Library - Software Support for NFC Frontend Solutions

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