24-bit Symphony® DSP

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DSP56371 Block Diagram

DSP56371 Block Diagram


  • Multimode, multichannel decoder software functionality
  • Dolby and/or DTS license required
    • Prologic II
    • DTS Neo6
    • DTS 2.3
    • WMA
    • AAC
    • Dolby headphone
    • Dolby virtual speaker
  • Digital audio post-processing capabilities
    • Parametric EQ
    • Tone control or graphic EQ
    • Dynamic range compression
    • Loudness
    • Bass boost
    • Speaker comp
    • Fade/balance
    • Music search
    • Compression 
  • DSP core
    • 1.25-volt core with a 3.3-volt peripheral I/O
    • Object code compatible with the DSP56000 core with highly parallel instruction set 
    • Data ALU with a 24 x 24-bit multiplier-accumulator and a 56-bit barrel shifter; 16-bit arithmetic support
    • Program control with position-independent code support and instruction cache support
    • Six-channel DMA controller
    • PLL based clocking with a wide range of frequency multiplications (1 to 255), predivider factors (1 to 3) and power saving clock divider (2I: i=0 to 7); reduces clock noise
    • Internal address tracing support and OnCE for hardware/software debugging
    • JTAG port
    • Very low-power CMOS design, fully static design with operating frequencies down to DC
    • Stop and wait low-power standby modes
    • EFCOP running concurrently with core
  • On-chip memory configuration
    • 16K–48K x 24-bit Y-data RAM and 32K x 24-bit Y-data ROM
    • 36K x 24-bit X-data RAM and 32K x 24-bit X-data ROM
    • 28K–64K x 24-bit program and bootstrap ROM
    • 4K x 24-bit program RAM
    • Various memory switches available 
  • Peripheral modules
    • Enhanced serial audio interface (ESAI_0): up to four receivers and six transmitters, leader or follower. I²S, Sony, AC97, network and other programmable protocols
    • Serial host interface (SHI): SPI and I²C protocols, 10-word receive FIFO, support for eigth, 16 and 24-bit words.
    • Triple timer module
    • Digital audio transmitter (DAX): one serial transmitter capable of supporting the SPDIF, IEC958, CP-340 and AES/EBU digital audio formats
    • Pins of unused peripherals (except SHI) may be programmed as GPIO lines

部品番号: DSPA56371AF150, DSPB56371AF150, DSPB56371AF180, DSPC56371AF150.


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