Class-D Audio Amplifier

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  • Operating voltage from 10 V to 36 V asymmetrical or +-5 V to +-18 V symmetrical
  • Mono-bridged tied load (full-bridge) or stereo single-ended (half-bridge) application
  • Application without heat sink using thermally enhanced small outline package
  • High efficiency and low-power dissipation
  • Thermally protected and thermal foldback
  • Current limiting to avoid audio holes
  • Full short-circuit proof across load and to supply lines (using advanced current protection)
  • Switchable internal or external oscillator (leader-follower setting)
  • No pop noise
  • Full-differential inputs

Target Applications

  • Flat panel television sets
  • Flat panel monitor sets
  • Multimedia systems
  • Wireless speakers
  • Mini and micro systems
  • Home sound sets

部品番号: TDA8932BT, TDA8932BTW.


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