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Proximity Ssensor Software Block Diagram


  • Proximity Sensing Software - Compatible with more than 300 NXP microcontrollers, the Proximity Sensing Software manages multiple configurations of touch pads, sliders, rotary positions and mechanical keys. Click on the block diagram for more features.
  • KITPROXIMITYEVM - Generic Electrode Board. This board features three different electrode arrangements: a slider, a rotary whee and an 8-key touch pad.
  • GUI Software - Graphical Interface that communicates through the S08 BDM interface. Compatibility with ColdFire® and RS08 coming soon.


Using Proximity Sensing

Proximity Sensing solutions allow you to detect the presence of objects without relying on physical contact.

  • Intuitive - The use of sensing electrodes allows flexible user interface designs, from simple linear sliders, to rotary wheels and touch pads, providing significant usability advantages.
  • Reliable - convenient to use without moving parts
  • Cost Effective - Using proximity sensors allows the designer greater freedom, while reducing overall system cost

The consumer can now enjoy a more appealing, intuitive interface with a more contemporary look.

Get Started

  • Order Electrode Board:
  • Connect it to your development board. Expedite your development process
  • Download Proximity Installer:
  • Contains Proximity Sensing Software and GUI
  • Proximity GUI:
  • Learn more about the added Graphical Interface

Target Applications

  • Appliance Applications:
    • Dishwashers
    • Washing machines
    • Dryers
    • Refrigerators
  • Consumer Electronics:
    • Handheld devices
    • Toys
  • Health Care:
    • Home health monitors
  • General Industrial Applications:
    • Motor control
    • Building control
    • HVAC building and control systems


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